Friday 17 April 2015



What really makes a woman attractive to a woman? Nice teeth, hair, body shape or nails? Well, it would interest you to know that some men don't really list those things as priority.
Serena Crawford from Healthy Black Woman, gives 6 qualities Men say they find attractive in women:
  1. Foul mouth: Guys actually like it when women occasionally drop a bad word or two. This doesn’t mean that you should go around swearing like a sailor but every now and then if you let a swear slip don’t think that you will offend him. It can remind him that you have a little “bad girl” in you.
  2. Sense of humor: Men love a woman with a quick wit. If you can make him laugh and you laugh along with him you have a good thing going. If he says something in a sarcastic way come back with a witty reply he will know that you can think on your feet and are not phased by a quirky sense of humor.
  3. Put on a happy face: Men love to see a woman smile. It helps them to know that you are a happy person as opposed to someone who is always unhappy with life and may make them unhappy in the process. Physically a smile will make someone more attractive but one man says that it will help to connect on an emotional level as well.
  4. Pride: When you love what you do in life it will show. You will have a confidence and happiness about you that is unmistakable. Men like to see that the woman that they are attracted to is passionate about her work or her hobbies. It shows that she is capable of opening up and becoming passionate about a person as well.
  5. You have a life of your own: One man states that he doesn’t like being turned down when he asks someone out on a date. He states that when she says that she has other plans he knows that he will have to fight for a little time with her and he likes that. It makes him feel like a lucky man when she finally says yes.
  6. Family: Most men eventually want to have a family of their own some day so seeing how you act with your family and theirs is very important. If you can accept and love their family and be a part of family functions they will see that you are someone who has great family values.


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