Monday 30 March 2015

Shy Guy


Ladies, you might be shocked at the findings of this latest research. Shy guys are the guys calling the shots now. Studies show that the traits in shy guys is what every woman wants.
Ladies who feel dating a confident man is still the way to go, should have a rethink and get themselves a shy guy out there to bring smiles and happiness into their lives.
1. A shy guy maintains his composure. He does not have anything to proof to you. He does not barge into discussions to show off. A confident guy sees himself as a gift from God. He always boasts about how great he makes you feel.
2. Shy guys do not kiss and tell. Their confident brother, will let the whole area know as soon as he pops the cherry, to prove to them, he is “the man”
3. Shy guys are more straight forward. They do not have any sinister motive.
4. Shy guys are good communicators. They understand your mood before they talk and they weigh their words, so they do not hurt you.
5. A shy guy is no woman beater. You stand the risk of having a black eye with Mr Macho Confidence.
6. They are good listeners and thoughtful people.
7. A shy guy will not cheat on you, and might not even care about sex.
8. Shy guys are in the relationship for the long haul.
9. Shy guys are caring and respectful.
10. Shy guys are creative, industrious and intelligent. The time the confident guy spends going about, is productively utilised by the shy guy.


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