Monday 30 March 2015

Handsome Guy


In Africa, the man calls the shots. This might not go down well with ladies who believe in female empowerment. Women should be given the same opportunities as their male counterparts, but let us face facts, in the marriage relationship, the man is considered the head.
So, my dear you have to shine your eyes very well before you say yes I do, and submit to someone who cannot lead the family. It will haunt you all your life.
My dear, please do not marry:
1. A guy who always waits for his mum to take decisions for him.
2. A guy who has no vision. If he has a vision, he will not only talk about it, he will work at it.
3. A lazy guy.
4. A guy that cannot control his temper or lust.
5. A guy who does not respect his mum.
6. A guy who does not respect your parents.
7. A stingy guy. That does not mean you should make him your personal ATM. He should at least give you gifts once In a while.
8. A guy that cherishes his football team and friends more than you.
9. A guy that does not love children.
10. A guy that begs you for money. As in he has no shame. You can help him once in a while.
11. A guy that constantly does not take your advice. He actually does not think you are intelligent, no matter how many times he professes love for you.


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