Monday 30 March 2015

Unhappy couple


Men rely heavily on track records when it comes to relationships - that is, if a friend says he does something regularly and his girl likes it, a guy may be tempted to try the same thing too for his girl.
Truth is, not everything that seems sweet are actually, and there are certain things all men do that ladies totally detests.
Want to know what they are? Find out below:
  • Buying long-stemmed roses: Honestly, flowers are really nice, but a rose -- specifically a long-stemmed rose -- is totally cheesy. And please don't do this on Valentine's Day, which just makes it extremely worse (or add a little white teddy bear and a heart-shaped box of Cadbury's). You wouldn't do that, right? The only time a long-stem rose is borderline-acceptable is on The Bachelor show. Pink, yellow or white roses are really cool though.
  • Nicknames: According to Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist, "Some guys think that a nickname is a turn-on for their partner because they get turned on when they say it," she explained. "In other cases, a guy might think a nickname shows intimacy because they wouldn't call anyone else that nickname -- only you." According to The Nest's unofficial poll on Facebook, the most popular nicknames include baby girl, hunny bunny and beh-beh (you know, like Cartman sounds when he says baby on South Park?), which are just so…awful.
  • Jumping into the shower uninvited: Sometimes a girl just needs to shave her legs in peace. Or deep-condition her hair. Or exfoliate. Sure, she'll shower with you sometime soon, but not when she's scrambling to make an early a.m. meeting.
  • Showing PDA on social media: Your girl knows you like her, and she likes you too. She's even cool with linking her name under the 'in a relationship' section. But she'll definitely not be okay with you broadcasting your personal business on any website (especially if it includes anything that even remotely suggests sex). Her friends, coworkers and parents can see that feed.
  • Placing orders in a restaurant: It's really nice of you to take her to dinner, and for doing something that you think is chivalrous. But she's not six -- or mute. She can order on our own.


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