Thursday 26 March 2015

Suspicious Lover

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Ladies are unpredictable when it comes to matters of the heart. Unlike guys, ladies have the capacity to hide their motives for long. A lady can lead you on, for years and whenever it suits her, she can drop the bomb shell when she gets what she wants. These tips will help you know if you are truly loved.
1. She wants you to meet her friends and family.
2. Everyone around her knows your name, even without meeting you.
3. She loves to take pictures with you.
4. She is proud to post your pictures on her social media profile.
5. She goes out of her way to make you happy.
6. She asks your opinion on important issues in her life.
7. She wants to be with you always.
8. She does not hide her mobile phone from you, even the password.
9. She does not scamper away to answer calls.
10. She loves to be with your family and siblings.
11. She is generous to you and your family.
12. She is concerned when you go through challenges.
13. She does not make outrageous financial demands.
14. She understands when you are not able to meet her financial demands.
15. She does not try to change you to suit he taste.
16. She respects you.
17. She makes all her plans with you in mind.
18. She does not force you to propose or get married to her.
19. She lets you know every detail of her itinerary.
20. You know all her male friends.
21. She supports your dreams and wants you to become better


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