Monday 30 March 2015



Avoid these kind of girls and you will enjoy your marriage relationship. Beware!!! Guys, not all that glitters is gold. Not every girl should be taken to mama.
Do not consider marrying
1. A girl whose friends are “free chops”- girls of easy virtue/ No matter how different she claims to be.
2. A girl that tells lies like rain drops.
3. A girl whose mum does not respect her dad.
4. A girl who has no ambition.
5. A girl who gossips talks about others negatively.
6. A girl that cannot manage finances.
7. A girl that makes un-necessary financial demands.
8. A girl that is a control freak.
9. A girl that does not take corrections and questions your authority always.
10. A girl that always want to separate you from your friends and curtail your social activities in the name love.
11. A girl that is bitter and unhappy.
12. A girl who has refused to let go of the baggage and pain from her past relationship. She will hurt you.


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