Thursday, 26 March 2015

Smoking a cigarette


Being the humans that we are, we will always find a way to defend whatever habits we find ourselves indulging in. Most men give you reasons for their smoking habits and whine about how hard it is to stop.
Well, heres one reason that just might scare you enough to make you stop.
Did you know that every time you take a long draw on that stick of cigarette, you lose a small piece of your manhood?
According to a new study that links smoking with a loss in Y chromosomes in your blood cells, while men and women both carry X chromosomes, only males carry the Y chromosome, the biological marker that determines sex.
Researchers also believe this cell mutation caused by the loss of the chromosome may make it harder for the body to fight off diseases, which may be a possible reason for cancer rates being higher in men.
The good news is that the study found that cells start repairing the Y chromosome damage as soon as you quit tobacco.
Scared much? Guess you are going to be having a rethink just before you light that next stick.


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