Monday 30 March 2015

Unhappy couple


Ladies have grown up believing a lot of wrong things about guys. Some of their misconceptions come from their interaction with heart-broken peers who most of the time are naive and un-informed.
Here are the top 4 conceptions about guys ladies have.
1. All men are the Same: All men are not the same, but until you give us a reason to want to be with you and only you, we are going to stick with the normal flow.
2. Men want to be single: Marriage could be scary, especially if you have seen married people break-up, but guys want to settle down. They are just careful about making the.
3. Guy only want sex: Guys want more than sex. They want companionship, respect and love. They want to be admired. Sex is just an adventure for them. What gives them the kicks is the whole package.
4. Men Care About Looks: It is true that every guy wants to know how good you would look naked, most guys want to know the real you-Your character.


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