Tuesday 31 March 2015

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Sexual underperformance and dissatisfaction is something many people have to deal with daily.
Many people approach sex and fail woefully; many men either suffer weak erection or quick ejaculation while some women just can’t come.
  1. You're not sleeping enough. It is good to be ambitious and pursue a career with passion. However, the hours you spend sitting at your computer working away can damage your sex life. A research shows that each extra hour of sleep corresponded to higher levels of sexual desire. So get enough hours of sleep.
  2. You're using anti-depressants. Antidepressants do damage to the pleasure region of the brain and make it extremely hard for both men and women to climax. Sometimes, it is even impossible to climax. So you might need to get a different treatment for your depression.
  3. You are stressed. Working too hard and worrying too much will leave you stressed. This stress in turn makes sex a chore with the prospect of an orgasm almost not there. You will need to empty your mind and unwind for you to enjoy sex and orgasm.
  4. You are not drinking enough water. This may sound strange, but not drinking enough water is not good for your sex life. It is even worse to take too much alcohol. Water and other hydrating fluids help orgasms, because our bodies need water to work properly.
  5. You sit too much. Too much time in a chair can shorten the muscles of the pelvic floor (for women) and the resulting tightness of these muscles can stand in the way of climaxing. So get active do stretches once in a while.
  6. You are too self-conscious. Focusing on personal flaws or skills and technique in bed is sometimes the reason many people cannot orgasm. Many men worry about their small penises or stamina or skills while some women worry about how they smell, look, their breasts, body shape and other things they see as flaws. With all these in mind, an orgasm is almost impossible.
  7. You don’t know your body. Some people also have problems with getting an orgasm and generally enjoying sex because they have not found out what makes them tick in bed. Find out what you like and make sure your partner does those things when you get in bed.
  8. You don’t speak during sex. If you have found out what you like about sex, why not ask for it? Some people, mostly women, take sex as it comes and never make requests as to how they want it to go. What happens then is that they do not really enjoy it, being just passive partners. So talk about sex even as you have sex.
It’s time to make sex a pleasurable experience, rather than an obligation to your partner.
Trust Wha’anda, if you get these things sorted out, you’ll find out new pleasures in making love with your partner.


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