Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cynthia Kamalu's DIY conditioner ingredients


Ladies have been found spotting natural hair of recent. When asked, they all have the same answers. they are all tired of having dead, limp hair thats been punished with different chemicals in the guise of beauty hair products.
One undeniable fact is that your hair grows faster in its natural state. The hard part when it comes with rocking the natural look is having to comb it. This is usually torture as most of us have thick, stubborn hair.
Here is a secret DIY technique for conditioning your hair, according to Cynthia Kamalu. The best part is that its far cheaper than the usual hair products and the are very accessible.
  • Avocados
  • Raw honey
  • Bananas
  • Aloe juice
"I blended the ingredients using my Blend-Active blender. This prevents the avocado from sticking to your hair strands. A friend complained she had remnants of avocado on her hair 3 days after washing", she says.
Sectioning my hair into four twists I worked the mixture into my hair, retwisting after each application.
I covered my hair with a shower cap and a silk scarf and left overnight.
Early the next morning I washed my hair using my Shea moisture shampoo, applied my whipped batter from Kinky Apothecary and all was well in the hairniverse.
Many people use Mayonnaise and egg as deep protein treatment/conditioners for their hair but the last time I tried eggs, my hair was dry and I experienced breakage.
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Obviously, DIY treatments vary for most Ladies. This is Cynthia Kamalu's. What's yours?


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