Tuesday 31 March 2015

Couple at home

culled from:pulse.ng

If you are in a relationship or know people who are part of one, then you know there some really strange things that couples do, like keeping the bathroom door open while doing one's business, eating off each other's plates, sharing the same toothbrush, and so on.
Besides these, there are many other things couples do that people might find totally crazy.
Here's a few of those things all couples do that seem a little wacky but really ... are totally normal.
  1. You're not afraid to see each other at your worst: Is your hair askew and mascara running from last night's festivities? Not a problem. Unshaven and no energy to brush your teeth? No big deal. Doesn't phase you in the slightest anymore.
  2. You secretly spy on your neighbours: You don't have cable and their lives are actually pretty interesting.
  3. You play childhood pranks on each other... and they're hilarious.
  4. You laugh at each other when the other person falls down: The circumstances surrounding the fall are irrelevant. You both agree that all falls are hilarious.
  5. You do sexy dances for each other: However, they are neither sexy, nor dances.
  6. You find free ways to entertain yourselves at home: No, it's not sex and yes, it sometimes lands you in the ER.
  7. You inspect each other for random ailments... and random body hairs.


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