Thursday 26 March 2015

Happy Wife


Many times as a husband you get carried away with the fact that we provide for the family and forget to cater for the emotional needs of your wife. Studies have shown that most marriages that breakdown are as a result of emotional frustration.
Make out time and deliberately practice these tips and see your wife come alive again. You owe it to her. You know!!!
1. Tell her you appreciate her: Women want to know they are appreciated. It keeps them going.
2. Say thank you always: This act of appreciation will make her go the extra mile to make you happy.
3. Hold her hands always in public: This act of love brightens every woman up. It shows them you are not ashamed to be seen with them in public, and that they still matter to you.
4. Date Nights: Organise special dates just for you and her, where you relive your courtship days. This is supposed to me a normal occurrence among the two of you.It spices up things.
5. Make out time to have good sex with her: Make her the subject.Do not concentrate on yourself. Take time to pleasure her and tell her what you are doing and why. They want to know that their satisfaction is worth being considered.
6. Listen to her.
7. Respect her .The way you speak to her shows how much respect you have for her.
8. You help and encourage her to achieve her dreams: Women are happy when you stand as a support. The appreciate men who encourage them to pursue their goals.
9. Provide for her: The major need of every woman is security. She will be grateful to you, when you provide financial, physical and emotional security for her.


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