Monday 30 March 2015

Cup of black coffee


For many, caffeine is the go-to drug of choice. First thing in the morning, or when your energy slumps midday and you're trying to stay awake, reaching for a cup of coffee is the clear answer.
But, have you ever thrown back an espresso shot only to feel more tired?
It’s possible your genes could be to blame. “There are clear genetic variations on how certain individuals metabolize caffeine (fast metabolizers vs. slow metabolizers),” says Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, Cleveland Clinic Manager of Wellness Nutrition Services.
To find out where you stand, you can have a nutragenomix test performed. “The test looks at how quickly or slowly someone breaks down caffeine based on variants of a certain gene (called the CYP1A2 gene) to determine if caffeine is beneficial or harmful to your health," says Kirkpatrick.
So, if you notice that caffeine has the negative impact on you, run this test or you might as well stop altogether.


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