Friday 27 March 2015

Tobe Da Diva


Every religion preaches that sex before marriage is a sin and must not be entertained by any youth who hopes to make heaven, but these days, social media and medical science tells us sex between two consenting adults - whether married or not - is good and healthy.
Though we live in the information age, it appears that many young people are still uninformed about the dangers and risks surrounding sex itself.
Over the years, many have had to rely on myths and old wives' tales where 'the deed' is concerned, but thanks to the Internet and other well-meaning social bodies including NGOs, we are being educated daily on what we should know about sex.
But to drive the message home, one lady has taken it upon herself to address this issue as plainly and frankly as possible. Her name is Tobe Da Diva, and she expressed her candid opinion about pre-marital sex, via her Instagram page.
Read her post below and let us know what you think about it:
"I have never understood this thing called "getting pregnant by accident". Was it the head on collision of two vehicles that gave you a baby bump?
"You will never hear me telling you not to have sex or to wait till you are married (who is fooling who). What I believe however, is that you shouldn't have sex until you understand the risks (pregnancy, disease, guilt and hell...if you are weighed by religion) and the benefits (varying levels of pleasure, physical fitness...if u are the sexually athletic type). You must also be responsible for your actions.
"If you are going to have sex and then swear on the grave of your living mother that you have never been touched, don't have sex. If you are going to weep and wail and say you 'Accidentally' got pregnant, don't have sex.
"You also need to be aware of your options and know the risks/benefits/responsibilities of each; safe sex VS unprotected sex; condoms VS oral contraceptives; visits to a gynaecologist VS old house wives' treatments; regular orgasms VS boring sex rituals.
"I advice you have good healthy sex and enjoy it can only do that if you have the right information and make conscious decisions.
"Don't just tumble in the sheets because everyone is doing it. Do it because you know what you are getting in to and you are ready and able to handle it.
#BehindTheSpectacles #Tobedadiva"
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