Thursday 26 March 2015

It's important to wash the face twice daily

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Washing/ properly cleansing the face is a sure way to keep acne and any form of blemishes at bay.
Washing the face necessarily indicates deeply cleansing but not stripping the skin of its moisture.
There are mistakes we make while washing the face that could be avoided, check out some of them:
1. Not removing makeup first
Before washing the face, make sure to take the makeup off first with wipes, this way deep cleansing is possible. This is necessary because some/most makeup are waterproof and washing casually may not take off the entire product.
2. Washing with dirty hands
Germs etc can be easily transferred through dirty hands to the face, since the hands are everywhere before using to wash the face, they should be properly washed, this way, the face comes in contact with clean hands.
3. Over washing
Over washing the skin can strip the skin of required moisture, as much as possible reduce washing the face to twice a day  with nourishing cleansers/face washes.
4. Washing with hot water
Washing the face with hot water is drying and harsh, as much a possible use lukewarm to cold water when washing the face.
5. Not moisturizing immediately
Never leave your face to dry before applying a (non comedogenic) moisturizer. Moisturize the face with skin still damp, this way moisture is locked in the skin.
6. Not rinsing completely
Be sure to rinse the skin properly as chemical residue left on the skin could block the pores causing breakouts and other reactions/ ultimately damage the skin
7. Do not rub the face with towel or harsh wash cloths
After washing the face, gently pat it try, no rubbing or scratching the delicate facial skin in any way.


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