Thursday 26 March 2015



In a relationship, decision making is not the sole preserve of one person. It is a mutual affair. When only one person takes the decision and haves his or her way always, friction sets in.
The passive partner might not be happy, but out of fear of being seen as difficult, they keep quiet, hence nursing their pain inside and thereby hindering truthful and productive communication.
Every relationship is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. You opinion should also be considered and respected.
1. They think they know it all. Control freaks claim to have a lot of experience. They do not think any other person’s input is worth trying out or considered.
2. They talk down on you and your dreams.
3. Control freaks are insecure when you get a promotion or earn more than them.
4. They always want to have the last say in any discussion.
5. Control freaks see the world from one side- Theirs.
6. They love arguing, more, than holding civil discussions.
7. They get offended when there is a healthy disagreement of views.
8. Control freaks get offended when their input is not taken or things do not go their way.
9. They brandish the “I” word a lot. It is all about them.
10. They are emotionally and physically demanding because they think the world should revolve around them.
11. A control freak craves for attention anywhere they go, and would go to any length to get it.
12. A control freak does not care about the emotional needs of others.
13. They do not think their words through, to consider the impact it will have on their audience. They believe that they “speak their mind”.
14. Control freaks are rigid people who stick to a particular pattern, all in the name of principle, forgetting that flexibility is also a principle.
15. They fight change, as far as it is not coming from them.
16. They dictate to you, who you ought to relate with.
17. They are loners who surround themselves with people who do not question them-YES MEN.
18. They thrive when others are at their mercy.
19. They never see any good in others, and if they do, they quickly dismiss it.


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