Monday 30 March 2015

In the end, you stand to benefit more than your lover if you go oral on her.


Ultimately, sex must lead to some form of sexual release to be of any use.
The chemical reaction that follows a fruitful physical connection of sex organs often times leads to an orgasm, so fulfilling that your body is temporarily functioning on its own, weightless, euphoric and ecstatic.
It is a no-brainer that women find it more difficult to orgasm than their male counterparts, so you have to work harder to make sure that you bring her to that fountain of emotional release — otherwise, why have sex?
Anyway, though there are other ways to make a woman cum, her breasts, filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings, are gateways.
Good thing is women love to have their breast played with and most men love touching breasts…
So here are 9 tips to help you make her breast the key to her orgasms:
  1. Touching the breasts sexually should be a soft and gentle affair. No grabbing or squeezing at the beginning. Gather the breasts and move your hands over the nipples and then pinch softly with your fore-finger and thumb until you notice them getting firm, erect.
  2. The tip of the average finger is very gentle and can do some magic on equally gentle skin like the breasts. Just one finger, roaming about on her breasts can do more than you imagine. Place your index finger on her nipples and draw circular movements down until you reach the base of her nipples. Do this for both breasts continuously.
  3. . Remember that it is not only the nipples that are active. Introduce your tongue, mouth and hands on all areas of the breast and caress, lick, suck, pinch, nibble and even lovingly bite them.
  4. At intervals, gather both breasts and give a firm but loving squeeze. Alternate between that and rubbing/licking/kissing the nipples or kissing.
  5. Cup the boobs and suck, together or one at a time, depending on how large they are. But however you do it, suck it like you mean it.  As you suck, make circular motions with your tongue
  6. Kisses also add a nice twist to it. So, starting with a soft kiss on the lips, move your tongue into her mouth and suck on her tongue. Soft, unhurried lip contact is one of the most intimate shared-experiences.
  7. If you have access to ice, give her the hot-cold feeling. How? Roll the ice cube on her nipple (breasts) until they are numb, then suck until they are warm, flushed and erect again.
  8. Put one nipple in your mouth and press it softly between your tongue and your palate and then suck it softly. If she’s up for it, you can also BITE, but VERY gently.
  9. Be observant. Make sure you notice what she likes the most, the sucking, the pinching or the caressing. You should know this by her response to each touch. You can also ask her if she likes it done in a particular way.


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