Friday, 10 April 2015



Kisses are very intimate, and, save for a few people, most women love to be kissed.
A kiss in a relationship should be like water in a marshland — plenty!
You may not realize it, but many women unlock their honeypots only after you have proven that you can do it with your lip action.
In fact, the first sexual move after holding hands is kissing, after which you either get let or get locked out…forever.
DO YOU KNOW: The male saliva has trace amounts of testosterone which is an aphrodisiac, meaning that deep kisses can boost your chances of getting in?
Anyway, here are three ways which every man can use kisses to get more loving from his woman. They’re simple but effective:
1.       Get close and Kiss-on her happy moments. Every woman suffers mood swings that can affect your relationship. As a man, make the best of the times when she gets into her happy moods. Catch her in her happy moments with gentle, harmless kisses which may or may not lead to sex. She will however be more open to further intimacy if you catch those moments by going lip-to-lip. Believe it, random, passing kisses can birth naked intimacy.
2.       Get concerned and Kiss-off her sad moments. The sad mood is one moment you don’t want to get a woman angry. She may become grumpy and cold, but at that moment, you can score by not reacting to her cold shoulder with a frown. Get into her cocoon with soft, probing kisses and maturely insist when she shoves you off. Those kisses will be a kind of support. You have to realise that women are more vulnerable at their down moments and kissing her out of her sadness pit will put you in her good books and as well lift her spirits.
3.       Get mature and Kiss-up to make up. When quarrels come, a kiss is a good ice breaker. Rather than keep scores and let the quarrel become a way, nip it in the bud and catch her with an ‘I am sorry kiss’ that says ‘I miss/love you’. She will resist, but you will insist and it will all turn rosy again. Trust Wha’anda, this will most likely lead to make-up sex. Who doesn't like make up sex?
Always remember the basic rules of kissing; it is always better to start slow and gentle and make sure you’re not chewing off her lips or flooding her face with your saliva.
Also make sure you have clean breath and clean mouth….no garlic and cigar breathe allowed please.


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