Thursday 9 April 2015



Being Hangry sounds weird but it's a real word and its actually a thing, Says science.
Many of us have actually experienced this, but attributed it to something else. As usual.
Hanger is real, and it begins where self-control stops.
According to scientific discoveries, When your body and brain are not fueled with sufficient calories, your ability to control anger or even forgive a loved one is inhibited, since blood sugar levels and the self-regulating hormone serotonin plummet.
In one study out of the University of Cambridge, researchers controlled the diet of their subjects in order to manipulate their serotonin levels and found that low levels of serotonin weakened communication between certain parts of the brain and significantly affected the brain's ability to communicate and control emotional responses than if serotonin levels were normal.
This why you act (and feel) a little crazy when you have not eaten. Now you know who's to blame for your last melt down.
As common as this may seem, it doesn't have to happen to you.
Learning how to recognize when you're actually hungry will help you time meals right, and you need to keep smart snacks close.
Foods that are too high in sugar might give you a short boost, but they'll keep your blood sugar levels and your mood up and down all day long.
According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, you need something with a blend of produce and protein to keep you feeling energized, balanced, and satisfied.


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