Monday 23 March 2015

A casual look


Most ladies will kill for these tips, so stick close and pay attention. We sometimes wonder why we are all 'primped' up but cant get guys to glance at us twice.
It may even be they are actually staring, but some off us have learnt he hard way that not all stares are for positive reasons.
Some feel red lipstick says naughty, others think a cleavage revealing top or dress should do the trick, what if he isn't big on kissing or hes not a boobs guy but digs ass?
Fact is we are not in their heads and definitely cannot decide what they should think about us but here are a few clues as to knowing what they consider beautiful.
  1. Wear a red dress not red lipstick: For a first date, red shows confidence, which seems to be the ultimate aprhodisiac. Red is also the colour of love and romance, so it gives the guy an idea of your mindset. Red could also mean stop or danger when needed, so he knows not to mess with you. This doesn't mean you should look like a valentines day advert. Keep it simple.
  2. Let your hair down: According to House, most guys want to be able to rum their hands through your hair or at least play with it. He may even have fantasies about pulling your hair in the heat of passion. When its all packed up and looking severe, he assumes you are not much for fooling around and this could turn out to be a major turn off.
  3. Mix up your makeup: Most chics go for the smoky eye look and yes, you may actually look sexy but according to research, 66% of guys actually find that dark look unattractive. So ditch the smoky eyes and red lipstick and go for clear gloss and a beautiful smile.
  4. Button up: Ladies has this misguided belief that, the more skin they show, the more attracted the guys would be. Sadly, this is a huge misconception. leaving some things to the imagination actually urges the guy to press harder, so he can unwrap that package. You can show a bit of tummy, cleavage or thighs, but definitely not all three.
  5. Think classics over trends: Dressing up with a run-way inspired look may be a bit to much especially on a first date. Furthermore, a guy may think your a high maintenance girl and they are quick to avoid those. A simple dress to show your feminity or a casual t-shirt and jean, will do just fine. Same goes for jewelry.


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