Monday, 23 March 2015

Food and beer


"Beer is a great match for food because of the complexity of its flavors, its ability to provide refreshment and to interact with many food flavors," says Marc Stroobandt, master beer sommelier for the Food and Beer Consultancy, UK. "Even before the meal, beer already is doing its work for food pairing as the hops stimulate the appetite."
When it comes to food and beer pairings, it’s all about personal preference. Wine always has its place beside any dairy delicacy but a perfect lager can stand up to any red or white vino when pairing food and drink.
When pairing beer and food, it all comes down to matching the food's flavors to the flavors of the beers. We went directly to the experts to get their advice on mating the best brews with your favourite bites.
Beer and Sushi
Theres no better way to wash down this tasty fare than with a bottle of Kirin Ichiban (malt beer).
Cheese, Sandwiches, Pizza
Wine and cheese is a universally-known pair, but what most people may not know is that beer is one of the best matches for cheese. "Wine may cover up some of the flavours in cheese while the carbonation in beer creates a lighter acidity and lifts the fats in the cheese off the palate," says The Beer Sommelier, Matt Simpson. "Whether it's a straight-up cheese platter, pizza, sandwich, goat cheese salad, almost any beer is a go when it comes to cheese. 
Chicken, Seafood, Pasta
The one rule with dishes like chicken, fish, salads or pastas are that you don't want to overpower them with a beer. Therefore, lighter is better. A light beer with chicken or fish is perfect. (If creams or sauces are added you need a heavy, richer beer.) Pasta is slightly more versatile but still pairs well with similar brews.  
Fried Foods
Even if the Belgians make the best fries in the world and are possibly the largest consumers per person, those salty potato sticks are still a staple cuisine in most countries of the world. In general, fries are light in flavour, so opt for a brew that will help cleanse the palate. "In general ask for a beer to cleanse your palate without washing away all the salty flavours, cutting through and bringing out the taste of the food," says Stroobandt.


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