Wednesday 8 April 2015



Dry skin can come across as unattractive, dull as it's usually marked by scaling, cracking which can get worse as a result of lifestyle habits and could come naturally.
There are ways to care for dry skin and there even more pointers that help to manage it:
1. Never Over-exfoliate
Dry skin are always flaky and this should be carefully catered to, never over exfoliate as that is the worst thing to do for dry skin as this dries it out and irritates it even more.
For dry skin daily exfoliation should not be done everyday.
2. Moisturize daily
Sometimes people with normal or oily skin can decide to skip a day or even two of moisturizing but same doesn't apply to dry skin, if you have dry skin you should moisturize with intense/moisture filled moisturizer.
3. Do not take long hot baths
Long hot baths aggravates your dry skin, warm showers are better but just about slightly by all means avoid washing your face especially in very hot shower water
4. Never use products with high alcohol.
A small amount of alcohol in products could be efficient in some treatment but an overkill dries the  already dry skin out and makes it  even worse.


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