Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nothing beats having a quickie


Many relationships are wobbling because they partners are sex starved.
The sad thing is that, in many cases, neither of the two lovers actually deliberately cancelled sex out.
It is simply a case of not getting the perfect time to initiate the proper sex… so they plan for tomorrow and tomorrow gives no chance so another tomorrow is selected until it becomes a routine and sex is history.
With time, they begin to snap at each other… and cheat.
Now, instead of waiting for the perfect timing, why not execute a quickie, which is an excellent way of connecting with your lover.
Set fire to your time-starved sex life and reignite the passion you once shared with your lover with these tips:
1. Let your partner anticipate. If you have a quickie planned, you can make it even hotter by building anticipation! Stack up the levels of arousal throughout the day with ‘dirty’/romantic SMSs, emails or voice notes. He or she will definitely be anticipating fireworks with the tension build-up.
2. Let the location inspire you. You must prime your quickie so well that it happens in a location that will add to the excitement. You could set it up in odd places in the home like the study, kitchen, bathroom, hotel convenience, a pool shower, inside your car or in the garden of your (or neighbors) house.
3. Lubricant will come in handy. When you are having a quickie where there will be no time for enough foreplay that will make the woman’s vaginal wall to expand and self-lubricate, then you need a lube. You would do well to have a water-based or silicone-based lubricant handy, like in your car’s glove box, side of the sofa, kitchen drawer or purse. Lubricants also boost the female arousal process and makes penetration much easier.
4. Let your outfit complement. When you plan to have a quickie, dress the part. Wear something that comes on and off easily. Short, splayed skirts, long slits, long zippers, armless dresses and the like, that will allow quick access is what the woman needs. Men would find it easier with loose pants than tight jean. You don’t want to use half the time to undress and dress back.
5. Location and sex position come together. An adventurous position would boost the excitement. In the car, the cowgirl position would be nice while standing positions would suit kitchen, bathroom and other roomy locations where a bed is not available.
6. Let yourself go. Don’t be shy when it comes to quickies. It will end very soon so enjoy it and let yourself go far. Explore your bodies with reckless abandon.
7. Leave no mess. It would be wise to have tissue/wipes and perfume around so you don’t carry the sex scent around when you are done. Clean up and spray some nice fragrance.
Wha’anda’s advice is to never wait for the perfect moment to have sex because it sometimes would never come.
Spontaneous, un-orchestrated intense sex session without setting the mood or pre-planning position is raw and pure.
It will leave a lasting impression on you both.


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