Tuesday 24 March 2015

A hairy guy

culled from:http://pulse.ng

While most ladies would prefer the Tyson Beckford clean-chested kind of guy, science has revealed that hairy men are actually good husband material.
Though manscaping is like the popular trend for men these days, they just might be reducing their chances of being the ideal spouse.
According to YourTango, here are five reasons (proven by science) why hairy men make better husbands:
  1. They're confident: A majority of guys these days invest several minutes in manscaping (shaving off facial and body hairs). According to a survey, 57 percent of  men do this. But if you prefer a man with confidence, who doesn’t follow the status quo, then go for the hairy ones.
  2. They're smart: Do find geniuses and doctors sexy? Chances are they are actually hairy under those white coats. Research reveals that body hair is linked to intelligence. Also, another study found that most of the members in Mensa – the largest IQ society in the world – have thick body hair.
  3. They're funny:  Ever wondered what Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen and Robin Williams have in common? They're funny and hairy. OK, so this isn't exactly science, but heck, it should be.
  4. They're masculine: Research has shown that  54 percent of women prefer a masculine man with facial hair over a guy who's clean shaven.  So, if the majority of women agree on this, then they can't all be wrong, can they?
  5. They're into good causes: Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of guys sporting beards in November for ‘Movember’ to promote awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. Therefore, it’s safe to say a man who brings awareness to great causes is the ideal marriage material.


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