Friday, 20 March 2015

happy married couple

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Respect has been noted to be one of the strongest and most needed pillars in every marriage. Even the bible hammers on this invaluable fact.
In the African tradition, woman are made to understand that they must submit to their husbands no matter what. With the influence of the western culture, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past as woman are now fighting for equality and indepedence. 
The major thing couples must understand is that, respect isn't actually onesided. Its mutual. Most woman have complained of their husbands being quick to bring up lack of respect on their part when it comes to asking them for little favours.
Men are quick to scream insult when their wives ask for little assistance while multitasking. She cooks, she cleans, carries your kids, losing her body in the process, and in the midst of all these asks you to help her get a glass of water, or stir a pot of stew, never mind the fact that your eating from it and you have the guts to accuse her of lack of respect?
Men may have been named the head of the house and hence have earned their respect just by being born male, but after all the hassles their wives have been through, they have indeed earned their respect.
Tolerate one another, lean on each other, and your marriage will have one of its biggest problems, resolved.


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